10 Best Podcasts to Listen to During Your Commute

I love listening to podcast! They are so many different podcasts out there and there is a podcast for almost anything you can think of. There are podcasts that about personal development, advice, celebrity interviews, finance tips, random storytelling, true crime stories, and much more. I personally like to mix it up and listen to a variety of podcasts each week. One of the things I love the most about podcasts is everyone can speak their opinion and thoughts freely and be 100% real. I have a 2 hour commute each day (10 hours a week) and I get super motion sick, so unfortunately I can’t do much on the bus. I can’t even look at Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc.! Thankfully listening to music/podcast doesn’t make me puke. I subscribe to over 25 podcast, but here are the 10 best podcasts in no particular order:

Everyday Life/Interviews

  • Heather Dubrows World – If you love the Real Housewives of Orange County you definitely know Heather Dubrow. I’ve watched RHOC since I was in middle school (thanks mom haha) and it’s so cool to hear about Heather’s life unedited by the TV/Producers. She interviews all kinds of people that have fun & interesting things to talk about. I love to listen to the interviews and hear about the life stories of the various types of guests she has. She also has a “hippest hottest newest” section that’s fun to hear about because she tries out popular stuff and lets you know if it actually works or not.
  • Lady Gang – This podcast is hosted by 3 girls in Hollywood. Kelti is a celebrity TV host, Becca was on Glee, and Jac has her own clothing line. They are super funny and usually interview popular celebrities and talk about girly things. They also have a little advice section at the end. I’ve listened to every single one of their podcasts and always know I’ll enjoy their podcast every week 🙂
  • Lady Lovin – I look forward to their podcast every week. This podcast is hosted by 3 ladies in their 20s, trying to figure out life in New York. Lo Bosworth (from Laguna Beach) is one of the 3 hosts, along with Greta Titleman & Jilly Hendrix ( I had no clue who they were before the podcast lol). I really love this podcast though!! They chat about everyday life and they also interview fun people. Unlike Heather Dubrows World & The Lady Gang, most of the people aren’t super popular celebrities. They mainly interview their friends, who sometimes are famous and sometimes are just random people. Most recently they interviewed their astrologer (I love astrology/zodiacs), and on other podcasts they’ve interviewed comedians, wedding planners, a butcher, a girl that grew up in a funeral home, models, and much more. This podcast is always fun to listen to!

True Crime

  • Serial – OMG this podcast is so addicting. This podcast is a true crime story about a man accused of murdering his high school girlfriend. Each podcast they set the scene for the case, interview witnesses, and try to confirm/debunk certain theories the defense presents. This was my first true crime podcast and after that I was hooked. Season 2 is about Bo Bergdahl, a soldier who went AWOL and was captured by the Taliban. (The movie Zero Dark Thirty is about this too). This season isn’t as “true crime” as season one, but it’s pretty interesting. If you haven’t listened to this check it out ASAP 🙂
  • Breakdown – This is another true crime podcast that was inspired by Serial. The first season is about a man charged with burning down a house and killing the elderly lady that lived there. Like Serial, they interview witnesses, set the scene, and try to confirm/debunk certain theories. I do have to stay Serial is a better podcast, but this is a good one to listen to once you finish both seasons of serial.


  • Listen Money Matters – This is a personal finance podcast by 2 cool guys. They aren’t your typical boring wall street finance guys. They talk about relevant stuff in terms that everyone can understand. Some of the topics they discuss are how to quit a job a start you own business, how to start a retirement account, how to invest in real estate, etc.
  • The His & Her Money Show – This podcast is very similar to Dave Ramsey Show, but way more fun. Tai and Talaat are a married couple that got out of a huge amount of debt TWICE! On their podcast they interview a ton of different people who tell their stories about how they got out of debt & how to build wealth. One of the ones I just listened to today was how one girl paid $49,000 of student loans in less than 2 years! Each story is really inspiring and I love that the people they interview are relate-able, real life people.
  • Smart Passive Income – This podcast is awesome! Unlike the other 2 money podcasts, this podcast is about how to make extra income, not about budgets/finance. Making extra income is something I strongly support, because you don’t want to be dependent on only one stream of income your whole life! Also, you can also cut down your budget so much, but earning more income is limitless 🙂 Pat Flynn has made millions off of passive income and shares how he did it. He also interviews other people that are very successful in making “passive income”. These podcasts are packed with tons of useful information, and there’s 200+ episodes already, so you won’t run out of things to listen to anytime soon.

Personal Development

  • The Chalene Show – Chalene Johnson is amazing! You may know her from beachbody workouts such as turbofire, piyo, etc. but she’s also known for being a motivational speaker and business coach. Her podcasts are about fitness/motivation, how to grow your business (so many great pods about this), personal development and more. Her podcasts are so motivating and inspiring. Just listen to a few of her podcasts and you will be hooked!
  • The Joy Junkie Show – This podcast is personal development podcast hosted by Amy and her husband. Amy is so spunky and unique and definitely not one of those boring self-help people. She talks a lot about working on your relationship, setting boundaries in your life, standing up for yourself, getting out of a funk/depression, and much more. She is super blunt and cusses a lot, but I really find her podcasts helpful. Whenever my friends are having a tough time I try to find a good Joy Junkie podcast that they can relate to because I feel like she does a great job of calling out the BS and gives you clear steps to fix the problem! Definitely read some of the titles and listen to a few that seem relevant to your life.

Please comment below if you have any good podcast recommendations. Thanks! XOXO

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